Venice Tour By Boat

Bachelorette party on the boat

From today you can have an out-of-ordinary bachelorette party on board a boat in the beautiful Venice lagoon, we organize your party and help you choose the itinerary that best suits your needs for an […]

Lagoon Treasure Hunt

An incredible experience for all the family where fun is guaranteed!You will have fun by looking at a map given aboard and following the hints spread all over the journey to arrive finally at the […]

Tour Animal Friends

A 2-3-hour visit to an old Venetian farm in search of local traditions. Starting from Venice on board our boat we will head to an ancient farm where there will be the opportunity to be […]

The Secret Sandbanks

A private excursion of 4 hours through the ancient Venetian lagoon, we will discover the evocative and mysterious Venetian sandbanks that, only during the low tide, emerge from the lagoon. These untouched islands, let us […]

The Colors of Life

An artistic experience through the islands of the magic Lagoon of Venice that allows you to free your artistic spirit and immortalize with the eyes of the mind and the heart of the hands uncontaminated […]

Riding The Lagoon

A 2 hours experience sailing along the walls of Arsenale, ancient guardian of Venice, surrounded by romantic moments, crossing the garden island Certosa immersing you in a full relaxing atmosphere. Then sailing to the hidden […]

Water and Sand

A 4-hours excursion that allows you to swim in the picturesque Venetian lagoon. We will make sail to the particular island that Venetians call “Bacan”, surrounded by Venetians and their boats, as this beach is […]

Poveglia The Ghost Island

The decadence of Poveglia coincided with the war of Chioggia (1378 and 1381) when it was decided to evacuate its population in Venice. Despite the construction of a fortification, the island was anyway occupied by […]

Islands Discovery

It includes a 4-hours private cruise within the magic lagoon of Venice, discovering traditions and hidden flavors, that only a Venetian expert could make you taste. The departure will be agreed at the time, we […]


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